Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Safari

Arrived at Kenya on time - not like Qantas. Still no word about my flights home.

The road from the airport to Amboselli Camp was unreal, massive holes in the road, trucks overturn, zig zag your way.They drive, left, centre and right on the roads. At one stage they had to place wood over the gaps so we could get through and the dust was unreal.

Anyway we made it and was it hot and I needed a few reds to recover from the trip.

Strange this red wine give no hangovers

I will continue this part with photos etc once the Internet improves. I had a great time at each park and got some great photos.

It has been suggested by the Camp Managers I look at selling them, so plan to follow that up. They reckon the photos of leopards matting which I took on my first trip would be something that publishers want.

Time to have dinner now guys- keep those phones on!!

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