Wednesday, June 3, 2009

News Flash

Just had the quickest International trip!

6am flight cancelled due to Fog in Sydney.

Qantas decided to put all three flights on one flight and we finally left Melbourne at 8.30m and arrived in Sydney at 10.15am.

Off we go to International transfer and told all okay.Go through customs, fill out the forms etc and arrive at gate 34. We note the plane is there and we are told that we are too late, we had been delisted.

Ten people delisted not happy!

We then go back to Customs, pick up our luggage, put in a bus and taken to the Mecure Hotel at 1pm and told to wait, you may be going to Hong Kong!

Then we get told no planes to Hong Kong, you will have to stay here for the night and we will try and get you on a plane tomorrow!

The word TRY went over like a ton of bricks!

So at the moment I am in Sydney at a 4 star hotel in the industrial area of Mascot. All I can say Qantas will pay for this and I plan to draft my letter over a few reds tonight.

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  1. Well just be greatful that you were not flying Air France!!!!!! Hope they let you keep your duty free spirits as you did officially leave Australia and come back again! Wishing you smooth travels. Be safe.