Monday, June 8, 2009


My bags were searched again and not fined> I know how to work the system now.

The weather has been crap however still nice and warm and all my aches and pains are fading away.

Today I had a tour of Maputo in a Tutt and cost me $50 for the day and was great fun. Since my last visit there has been alot of development in Maputo in hotels and shopping centres. You still have the large holes on the walkway which were caused by the bombs during the civil war so one never walks out tonight. Just get a cab $4.50 per hour.

Only seen a few armed guards this time.

Went to the Fish market, market and railway station >that was a concern.

Bought sponsor child a few more Tshirts, toothpaste and brushes.

Last night went out and enjoyed a cray with a few red and tonight I plan to enjoy a cray with a few whites.

Bill, as P of A you need to come here next time > we could have a Ball!Not like Indy.

Well, must go now as off to enjoy some food, wine beers etc etc.

Tomorrow I fly to Tete and the World Vision Venture contines and my case becomes empty again!

Hope all well

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