Saturday, June 20, 2009

Camp Life

If you read the start of my blog you will have an understanding of what the camps would be like.

The days started at 6am with coffee being brought to your tent and you would then have a quick breakfast and at 6.30 you be off on a games drive.

As I was travelling by myself, I had my own private vehicle, driver and spotter which was great. We would have a picnic lunch, sundowners in the afternoon and return to camp at about 7 pm. After a quick shower- only allowed 20 litres of water, would head to the camp fire and have a few drinks followed by dinner. After dinner would then go out on a evening drive for a few hours. So it was full on.

You would then come back to camp, escorted to your tent, given a whistle to blow if you had any issues ion the night and wanted assistance and off to sleep which the Masai Mara People patrolled the grounds to make sure the animals stayed away from us. It is un real lying in bed hearing a lion roar, monkeys running over your tent or woken up hearing an elephant.

The next morning you wake up, venture off to have breakfast and see animal droppings around the camp.

The food at all camps was great and you had plenty of wine to wash it down with. Never got a hangover!

Some of the ventures I experienced were:
getting bogged, sighting a pride of lions and cubs, cheetahs and cubs, Hippos,elephants, start of the wild beast migration, monkeys trying to get into my shower water and lots more

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