Monday, June 15, 2009

15th June - hello from the Appleby's

Hi John

You must be well and truly into your trip by now. How has everything gone with your sponsor family? How's you health? What happening - you have not filled in your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!

Appleby's are all sick with the flu - hopefully not the swine flu! Tom defended his Top Gun swim last week - 1500m race. Phoebe completed her 3 km race and came third. Matilda is going well and Lachlan is just glad the exams are over!

Caught up with Jen & Ray on Friday as I was in Bendigo for business - Ray was delighted with the ticket and is looking forward to the golf day.

Gerry is moving into Harold Street Ascot Vale tomorrow!

We look forward to hearing from you Johno.



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