Saturday, May 23, 2009


Well the trip is on again and it will be exactly one year since my last visit.
Last year I visited Tete it was Pedrito's birthday and I gave him and his family a bike and after the visit I sent $100 for a bike helmet, shoes for Pedrito and with the balance of money they built a toilet - So I have the Williams loo in Tete! I wonder if there will be a offical flushing when I visit!!!

Unfortunately Aaron Baddley did not play in the Master last year as his wife had a baby so I do not have the extra money to spend- however I had a few wins on the sharemarket market during the year and that has given me some more spending power.
I also like to acknowledge Kevin 747, Gillard and Swan who kindly donated $900, no questions asked. This will stimulated the Mozambique economy!

This year I am travelling frequent flyer's so seat availability was limited and my trip will only be for two and a half weeks and exciting.

I am visiting the World Vision Family I sponsor and looking forward to seeing the advances in the village and hearing about the inter village soccer match and talking about ongoing sponsorship of the competition. Don't worry it will not be as much as the AFL! naming rights - Johno's Cup or The Pinnacle Cup, I am thinking of!

After the World Vision visit I fly back to Joburg and onto Kenya and have eight days in the wild with no communication with the outside world.

As you would expect my cases are packed with gifts and the clothes I wear on the plane are just about it. On this journey I am taking for the sponsor family and village - two solar torches, two hooded tops, two set of soccerroos outfits, three soccer balls, two basket balls, four skipping ropes, six tshirts, dozen tennis balls, North Melbourne football scarf, set of track pants, two aussie sweaters, two shirts, 12 caps, two Australia caps, one bushman hat, three Frisbee, four hundred biros, three kolas, one kangaroo and three wallets. When I get to Tete I plan to buy some maize, more clothing, 50 m of dress material for the school, 300 exercise books, mosquito nets, cooking oil, a sack of salt, toothpaste and brushes, soap, some goats and if possible a cow. One thing that has grown over the last year is medication- unfortunately as one gets older one relies on this and that and I have alot of this and that, plus a fold up walking stick
I do plan to buy some clothes at the Joburg airport.

I will also be taking some Relenza in case Swine Flu eventuates. Oink Oink- Larry!

So I leave Eltham at 4am on Thursday 4 June.

I was suppose to fly to Perth however, Qantas decided that I should take a longer route and I now travel to Sydney and then to Joburg.

Upon arrive in Joburg I will be going to Pretoria and hope to met my friends who work for the Bank Note Company in South Africa.
On the weekend I arrive they will be expecting another member to their family so it may be a very wet weekend, great timing!! It will not be an Anchorage celebration - it will be alot cheaper!

On the Sunday I fly up to Mozambique and say hello to the Customs Officials again. When I left Mozambique last year they were upset I was taking too much money out of their country - I think it was $100!

Mozambique is unreal for seafood - crayfish and prawns, wine etc $12 - no cover charge! So keep you mobile phones on and I can talk to you about what I am doing when you are trying to sleep!

So keep tune for my updates.
I will try and make a update at Mozambique and also when I am visiting my sponsor family

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